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Leak Detection

There are currently a large range of leak location methods available to the modern Leak Detection Engineer. At Simple Eco our engineers carry the most diverse range of leak location equipment out of all of our competitors. This gives us an advantage in being able to confirm and reconfirm our findings before any costly excavation needs to take place.

Simple Eco are fully trained and experienced in detecting leaks. We have teams specialised to tracking down leaks and finding the best solution for the problem by using their experience and up to date equipment.

There are many ways we can track down leaks, one of the ways we go about doing this is by using electronic ground microphone which is designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure. By using this it identifies the leak by the position of the loudest leak noise and indicates the position of the actual leak itself. Simple Eco have many ways of finding a leak but we always use the best tool for the situation, but if any queries don’t hesitate to call.

We provide water leak detection services to locate underground water supply pipes. Finding water leaks can be a costly & lengthy process so having the right equipment and expertise allows us to efficiently locate the leak source and save our clients time and money.

We can provide qualified engineers to locate and expose leaks and carry out water leak repairs. We are able to reinstate any existing finishes or hard landscaping.

The water leak detectors that our engineers carry include Cameras, Ground Microphones, Leak Correlators, Acoustic data Loggers & trace and sensing equipment.

We combine this equipment and in some cases bespoke leak detection systems to suit individual client’s needs



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