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Rainwater Harvesting

Rain harvesting systems drain all the rain which falls on your roof to an underground rain harvesting tank where it is filtered, stored and the rainwater recycled for household use. Rain harvesters operate ‘on-demand’, when you turn on the tap or flush the toilet, just the same as your mains supply.

The supply never runs out because when the water level in the rain harvesting system becomes low during a period of drought, the supply switches to mains water automatically. Similarly, during periods of heavy rainfall, the rain water harvesting tank never overflows because it has a high level outlet into the main drains or soakaway.

Our rain water harvesters are very robust one-piece construction tanks with a 30 year warranty and can be installed under driveways across Devon to save space (car traffic only).

Have you ever wondered why, in a Country which receives so much rain, water shortages are often headline news? Or why flooding is becoming ‘normal’ although the rainfall remains the same?

We simply don’t have enough reservoirs to supply the ever increasing demand for water. But why then, do we use drinking water for flushing toilets and laundry purposes? Other Countries don’t and we don’t have to either!. Recycling rain water via rain harvesting for flushing toilets, washing clothes and watering the garden significantly reduces the demand on our reservoirs, lowers your own costs and goes a long way to protecting the environment. Precious drinking water reservoirs can be safe-guarded and flooding reduced by installing a rain water harvester system


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